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Theological argument.

Theological argument Holy Bible

Theological argument is a paradigm, but created, on an undeniable foundation. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradygmat is a collection of concepts and theories that form basis of a given science. Basics of Teological science are derived from Holy Bible. The Bible is foundation of faith and all

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First steps.

First steps Santa Claus

First steps in spiritual life are very cool. Because it is easy to receive grace and fulfillment. Faith consists in realization of great feats. God is glad, when he can give a lot. In any case, to get a lot, you have to work hard.

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Spirit is something immaterial, in our world it is a thought. If one thought, without a living organism, cannot be realize, then there is no influence on the material world. Every living organism has a thought in it, from the very beginning of

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Theology King David

Theology (Greek θεος, theos, “God”, + λογος, logos, “science”) “Learning about God.” Theology is a collection of books, prayers, autobiographies of great people, civilization and individual achievements. This whole extensive subject has one common denominator: “GOD” https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teologia “It is a methodical study

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Spiritual development.

Spiritual development

Spiritual development means getting to know God and getting closer to him. This is a very individual matter for everyone. Because it is a relationship. The main goal is get to heaven. However, also our spiritual development is needed for a happy life. Because it gives

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Mysticism sea of Galilee

Mysticism in Christianity – spiritual path of man to achieve, through faith, direct encounter with God already in mortality and encounter with God as the culmination of this path, called mystical union (Latin) of unio mystica. (https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistyka_chrze%C5%9Bcija%C5%84ska) Mysticism – an ambiguous

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