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First steps.

First steps Santa Claus

First steps in spiritual life are very cool. Because it is easy to receive grace and fulfillment. Faith consists in realization of great feats. God is glad, when he can give a lot. In any case, to get a lot, you have to work hard.

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Christianity Lord Jesus Christ

Christianity as a religion is not just a worship. Prayers and rites that are to give us some “fruit” in the future. God is not just to judge us after death, but also during life! Faith means knowledge. Faith is the guarantee of those

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Prayer Saint Mary

Looking for definitions, on different sides, you can find one most general: Prayer is a conversation with God. (https://sjp.pwn.pl/slowniki/modlitwa.html) addressing God, (https://wypracowania24.pl/religia/1988/modlitwa-czym-jest-modlitwa?strona=2) To the usual meaning, prayer is a conversation with God (https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modlitwa_w_chrze%C5%9Bcija%C5%84stwie) for Christians who believe in the existence of God, personal

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Mysticism sea of Galilee

Mysticism in Christianity – spiritual path of man to achieve, through faith, direct encounter with God already in mortality and encounter with God as the culmination of this path, called mystical union (Latin) of unio mystica. (https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistyka_chrze%C5%9Bcija%C5%84ska) Mysticism – an ambiguous

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