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An artist is a man who tries to create fruits with help of individual abilities, a person who has capability to interpret spiritual matter and ability to release the non-material world, to outside, a world existing only thanks to a given person and created by this personality. Intangible

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Freedom and Peace.

Freedom and Peace

Freedom and Peace is a combination of liberalism and conservatism. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberalizm ideology and political direction, according to which freedom is supreme value https://encyklopedia.pwn.pl/haslo/konserwatyzm;3925186.html attitude, which is characterized by attachment to the existing, rooted in the tradition state of affairs and a reluctant attitude to sudden changes

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Theological Ideology.

Theological Ideology

Theological ideology is a wide collection of knowledge that we can choose to shape our worldview. You can also choose other approaches to life. They will shape our reality and what will remain after us. Ideology is also subconscious thinking. Our approach to life and

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Ideology. An important topic, for every person, because “Ideology” is a collection of knowledge, that, each of us make decisions. It’s about keep certain rules, and sticks to them, in order to fulfillment. https://sjp.pwn.pl/slowniki/ideologia.html ideology – “system of views, ideas, concepts of an

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First steps.

First steps Santa Claus

First steps in spiritual life are very cool. Because it is easy to receive grace and fulfillment. Faith consists in realization of great feats. God is glad, when he can give a lot. In any case, to get a lot, you have to work hard.

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Spirit is something immaterial, in our world it is a thought. If one thought, without a living organism, cannot be realize, then there is no influence on the material world. Every living organism has a thought in it, from the very beginning of

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Spiritual development.

Spiritual development

Spiritual development means getting to know God and getting closer to him. This is a very individual matter for everyone. Because it is a relationship. The main goal is get to heaven. However, also our spiritual development is needed for a happy life. Because it gives

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