Spiritual development.

Spiritual development means getting to know God and getting closer to him.
This is a very individual matter for everyone. Because it is a relationship.

The main goal is get to heaven.

However, also our spiritual development is needed for a happy life.
Because it gives us a hardened way of thinking.
We have to make decisions and know how to act, or with development, we get everything in form of grace.

Many people do not know what to do in life.
She is tired, she is unhappy. Sometimes he takes some action that often ends in a fiasco.
It looks like you are living blindly and everything that comes to mind is done.
Therefore, the awareness of the truth is needed, for self-confidence and in future, for greater confidence with Creator.

A beginner may think that the subject does not concern her at all. An unbeliever will feel reluctance and anger distracting him from this.
Note that if spirituality did not apply to you, then the topic would not be controversial, people’s approach would be indifferent.
Spiritual lie consists in instilling in people’s convictions that consciousness / thinking is some unexplained emptiness.
No internal reaction. i.e. No material intangible, giving a sense of matter.

Spiritual development is a process that, when it starts, will continue to develop.
Your approach can be different, each person is different. Truth will find you anyway.
You do not have to force yourself to act because life is long and you really have time for everything.

Touching intangible things is to increase your trust and your own spiritual strength.
You will be able to survive hard times, or devote yourself to heroic deeds.
It is difficult to do something big, which requires self-denial and hope.
If you think that after death “there is nothing”, how do you deal with filling emptiness of time while waiting for fulfillment?

Awareness of being, it is a way of thinking that can draw the greatest possibilities out of you.
Give you the best fruits of your own work. In exchange for working on yourself.

Tools needed for development are:
Prayer (needed to receive any grace)
Reading relevant articles, that give you theoretical knowledge on the issues you need
Holy Bible, you only read when you are inspired and only what you feel is needed now (too much at once, it’s bad too)
Contemplation (consolidation)

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Spiritual development

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