Looking for definitions, on different sides, you can find one most general:
Prayer is a conversation with God.
( addressing God,
( To the usual meaning, prayer is a conversation with God
( for Christians who believe in the existence of God, personal prayer is a conversation with Him,

My own experience has shown me how important prayer is.
Man so that he can persevere with his decision, enterprise. He need to draw from somewhere a force, that will motivate him and give power.
There are different ways of drawing such energy into life.
Some are content with music.
Another is the need for articles that reinforce them in their own conviction.
Sometimes people prefer to prevent thoughts that torment them, for example, with alcohol.
Some effect this gave, in any case we need “something” to persevere, sometimes in difficult situations.

However, what do you do when everything fails?
Support from another person.
Music for a weak stimulus, and inadequate to your individual problem.
Alcohol filling the time and adding problems.
Sorrow remained, because how to dig out from the bottom?

A man needs a reasonable course of thought in order to live freely. Own ideology.
Something, according to which he makes decisions.
It can be submission to pleasure. I do everything that brings me luck.
Career, my own “I”, must be confirmed by the fact that it is the most wonderful.
Fun, fight, emotions, decisions and how to stay on the wave of happiness?

A lot of people can be against us.
Some for the pure satisfaction of evil.
Others for the profits.
A lot of bad energy is waiting to enjoy our defeat.

Prayer is a medicine.

The first thing you need is the information that GOD IS.
Then you want to learn more, because if it is, what does this mean for me?
Once you have carried out your first steps on the spiritual path, you will automatically begin to pray.
Simply, it will come the same as a consequence of knowledge.
You have understood that you have discovered something important, you know little about the topic, you have to develop and these are your first steps.

Prayer is a theological dialogue that produces immediate effect.

The words of the prayer contain content that we will probably consider for a long time in various ways.
Sometimes they will be arguments for us, in different life situation.
They are also words that bring us closer to the secret figure of GOD alone.
Consideration of words is one of the intelligent pleasures of learning about God. However, the most important thing in prayer is presence.
You feel grace, in a mystical sense.

Prayer is weapon, repentance and knowledge.

Pray always aloud!
I personally pray in whispers, but I say words.
You can not pray only in your thoughts.
Because, leave thoughts to contemplation. See how it works. You are praying aloud, and other things can happen in your head. However, you focus on prayer.
Don’t pray “too much”, it’s more about emotions.
You need to fell Mystic. You must feel GOD, then you feel what you need to do.
(Mt 6:7) “And when praying, do not speak much like a pagan, they think that, because of many words, they will be heard through.”

Prayer is strength.

If you want to succeed. You work hard to achieve it, the further you go up, the harder it is.
You will reach the moment that can outrank you.
If you are with GOD, nothing can stop you.
However, if you did not know BOGA you did not need it, now is the time to add power.

Trust him, because he knows better, even if for us people, this is difficult to understand.
Therefore, do not resist yourself! Because you close yourself in this way to the possibilities that you could get.
(Mt 6:8) “Do not become like them, because your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

Selected prayers:

Chaplet of Divine Mercy
A very strong prayer, at the beginning the best!

I recommend the Rosary.
You do not have to say everything, just one “ten”.
You will see for yourself that it is perfect for contemplation.
It also adds strength and, most importantly, strengthens you in your faith.

You can also pray without words. Contemplation.

Look for the prayers that you need at the moment.
There are so many of them, good to know few of them .
The best thing is to let. Just be open to knowledge.
You do it for Yourself and for GOD.
Other people are not the recipients of your meditation, so focus on prayer, preferably away from distractions.
(Mt 6:6) “And when you pray, enter the cell and, closing the door, pray in secret to your Father, and your Father who sees what is hidden will pay you back.”

with little correct.
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Prayer Saint Mary

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