An artist is a man who tries to create fruits with help of individual abilities.
A person who has capability to interpret spiritual matter and ability to release the non-material world, to outside.
A world existing only thanks to a given person and created by this personality.
Intangible things such as emotions, imagination of the ideal, beauty, sentiment of the moment or loftiness of time.

Artist is a tool.
A man chosen, sometimes from millions of people.
He’s possibilities are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of thousands.
The artist is such a medium.

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Freedom and Peace.

Freedom and Peace

Freedom and Peace is a combination of liberalism and conservatism. ideology and political direction, according to which freedom is supreme value;3925186.html attitude, which is characterized by attachment to the existing, rooted in the tradition state of affairs and a reluctant attitude to sudden changes and new things;

Liberals are characterized by the fact that freedom is a superior value for them and the actions of the individual are individual matter. The problem is that, such a freedom eliminates discipline, loyalty, and humility.
Absolute freedom can not be characterized. Because everyone can understand it differently.
Such freedom without good manners, destroys interpersonal relationships, introduces chaos and makes us strangers, to ourself. We have no common values except for this freedom and we also argue with each other.
Liberalism is such a picture of will to change. It personifies need to introduce something new.

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Theological Ideology.

Theological Ideology

Theological ideology is a wide collection of knowledge that we can choose to shape our worldview.
You can also choose other approaches to life. They will shape our reality and what will remain after us.

Ideology is also subconscious thinking. Our approach to life and understanding of the world around us.
You do not need to think about it, because Ideology inculcate to our parents, their parents, great-grandparents. It is given also to us during upbringing.
Shaping the subconscious requires time, a lot of time. Therefore, changes in behavior require patience.

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An important topic, for every person!
Because “Ideology” is a collection of knowledge, that, each of us make decisions. It’s about keep certain rules, and sticks to them, in order to fulfillment. ideology – “system of views, ideas, concepts of an individual or a group of people”

The way that we behave. Can be adjusted, handle, stabilized. If we will want it.
The will of every man is free!
Each of us decides about her life every day. We can do anything we want.
According to the free will. We can say, that “fate” does not exist. A fatum(fate) overloading a man limited the framework of his free will, directing the effects of actions in one only fatal direction.
However, “free choice” is not only grace, but also a trap.

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Theological argument.

Theological argument Holy Bible

Theological argument is a paradigm, but created, on an undeniable foundation. is a collection of concepts and theories that form basis of a given science.

Basics of Teological science are derived from Holy Bible.
The Bible is foundation of faith and all knowledge about GOD.
GOD revealed his person. Its influence on the world, through people, who have been associated with him.
The BIBLE is undeniable proof for existence of GOD.

Theological argument derives directly from the Holy Scriptures or indirectly from the causes of consequences the development of knowledge.
The argument is justification for a given course of thought or conduct.

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First steps.

First steps Santa Claus

First steps in spiritual life are very cool. Because it is easy to receive grace and fulfillment.
Faith consists in realization of great feats. God is glad, when he can give a lot.
In any case, to get a lot, you have to work hard.

Let’s start from beginning.
You already know something about God / or you have already had a long practice / or you know nothing.

Your life consists in realizing your own plans and whims.
Good, because GOD also wants the best for you.
Judging. You and God think about the same, that is, to draw best possible fruits from work.
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Christianity Lord Jesus Christ

Christianity as a religion is not just a worship.
Prayers and rites that are to give us some “fruit” in the future.

God is not just to judge us after death, but also during life!
Faith means knowledge.
Faith is the guarantee of those goods we expect, evidence of those realities that we do not see (Heb 11:1).

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Prayer Saint Mary

Looking for definitions, on different sides, you can find one most general:
Prayer is a conversation with God.
( addressing God,
( To the usual meaning, prayer is a conversation with God
( for Christians who believe in the existence of God, personal prayer is a conversation with Him,

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Spirit is something immaterial, in our world it is a thought.
If one thought, without a living organism, cannot be realize, then there is no influence on the material world.

Every living organism has a thought in it, from the very beginning of creation. Even the grain of any plant!
( Thinking can also be understood as a movement of consciousness and concentration and concentration.
Everything that was created, with the beginning of your own body. He has an inherently connected process that is called thinking.
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Theology King David

Theology (Greek θεος, theos, “God”, + λογος, logos, “science”)
“Learning about God.”

Theology is a collection of books, prayers, autobiographies of great people, civilization and individual achievements.
This whole extensive subject has one common denominator: “GOD” “It is a methodical study of religious truths revealed by God, in accordance with the Latin maxim. fides quaerens intellectum – faith seeking understanding

I am looking to understand why this happened? (accident, misfortune).
I am looking for answers how should I live? How to change everything, or start from the beginning? What can I do for have help from GOD?
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Spiritual development.

Spiritual development

Spiritual development means getting to know God and getting closer to him.
This is a very individual matter for everyone. Because it is a relationship.

The main goal is get to heaven.

However, also our spiritual development is needed for a happy life.
Because it gives us a hardened way of thinking.
We have to make decisions and know how to act, or with development, we get everything in form of grace. Read more ›

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Mysticism sea of Galilee

Mysticism in Christianity – spiritual path of man to achieve, through faith, direct encounter with God already in mortality and encounter with God as the culmination of this path, called mystical union (Latin) of unio mystica. (

Mysticism – an ambiguous term describing a religious experience, consisting in a direct, i.e. independent of rituals and rituals, relationship of a person with an intangible reality, (

Mystics is a term. Which means – spiritual development.
There is no two signifiers here, no hidden hooks. Read more ›

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