Political plan

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At the beginning, I would like to introduce my person to dispel doubts about credibility. My name is Damian Mielczarek, I was born in 1990. I did not graduate college, my education ended at high school. All my knowledge and creative skills are my innate qualities, which have been made clearer by contact with theology. I have expressed political and ideological views in the book “Freedom and Peace“. As a child, I did not show anything special. Today I know that it was the fault of my atheism. In reason of my own bad pride or ignorance, I did not use the opportunities that were at hand. I can’t change the past, although I would like it to be different. On the other hand, I can prove to the world that a man can change and thanks to the new one he has weard, he can do great things. My past will certainly be admonishing itself, trying to mix me with mud, but I can not be afraid because it will become a lesson for the whole population. I will fight all the symptoms of discrimination, pigeonholing people and stereotypical thinking. I want to introduce openness among people, fight evil that exists in apathetic minds, and above all give everyone a chance without being demeaned for appearance, origin or education. Understanding one another requires humbleness because it is easy to offend someone with violent emotions. You have to accept people as they are and give everyone a chance, because everyone has good in them.

General assumptions

The main symbol around which I want to focus people is the cross. I want to connect all Christians, regardless of my personal religious affiliation, and I have no intention of imposing anything on anyone, because it is a personal matter for the faithful. Conscience is personal.
(Mt 7:1) “Do not judge, for not to be judged.”
The cross means: dedication, self-denial, eternity and discrimination. I want to focus people who share the cross as an ideology, i.e. we all believe that there is a God and that He is the most important. I have no intention of cooperating with people who describe themselves as atheists or pagans. Their thinking is wrong and because I do not want to impose anything on them, I intend to avoid such people. People preaching Darwinism are in contradiction with the views I want to express and implement. They themselves think that the comprehensive knowledge is extensive enough to replace the contemplation of morality and life after the death of the body. Perhaps when the time comes, God will refute these broad claims, empty in the message, because what of all this knowledge results for my temporal life?
To all those who have lost their faith somewhere: Do not worry! I also was an atheist, I thought that all you can do is just work on your own hands. Today I understand that God exists. He loves you and wants everything that is best for you, so take advantage of the opportunities that He has prepared for you. Believe, you’ll be happy.
To sum up: I want to work with Christians in the field of politics. We must avoid other beliefs to maintain strong morale and not to create confusion between us. The hierarchy is based on humility, i.e. we must prefer tasks over our ego. Humility means that you do not have to explode with emotions immediately and oppose, because time will better verify the effects. The high position depends by creativity. Implementation – from the degree of difficulty to down.
(J 13:16) “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than a lord, or a messenger greater than that one, who sends him.”

Political plan:

Table of Contents:

  1. Reform of heterosexual education.
  2. Total ban on abortion.
  3. Legalization of marijuana.
  4. Spending money from legalization of marijuana.
  5. Income tax return.
  6. Tax on pets.
  7. Deposit for bottles and permission to drink alcohol in public places.
  8. Elimination of non-obligatory religion in schools and replacing it by obligatory theology.
  9. The possibility of transferring the sum of tax refund to any non-state institution.
  10. Reform of state-owned companies and analysis of expenses.
  11. Pay raise for Me.
  12. Environment.
  13. The foreign policy.

Governing our country we will start with the continuation of “Prawo i Sprawiedliwość” policy, because I believe that they have chosen a good direction, and that changes contrary to the reforms introduced by them would be expensive. That’s why I want to go further and develop what is already there. To introduce new things in our homeland, to make everybody live better and to make our country a role model for all other countries in the world.

1.Reform of heterosexual education
We live in times when we are still ashamed to talk openly about intimacy between people. Using our humble shyness, organizations are formed that want to impose their sexuality, as if heterosexuality was in the minority. However, 98% of the society declares heterosexuality and after all it is knowledge, which is in demand. We must openly express our views as responsible people. After all, heterosexuality means gender equality, non-discrimination, because why a man or a woman can not make contact with the opposite sex?
Promoting same-sex is discriminatory and introduces barriers between people because we do not teach people to interact with people who are first seen in their lives. The teaching of heterosexuality eliminates the problems of social exclusion and loneliness. Talking about different sexual needs teaches us acceptance for every human being, because there are different people and different needs. For example, adult movie stars have a great demand, on the other hand there are even religious who make weddings of purity and do not have sex at all.
We must not judge one or the other, each of us is different. Talking about people is to give you an image of a world that has different colors and in which you will surely find something for yourself. Judging someone with an offensive word because of his inclination is your sin in the eyes of God.
(Mt 7:3) “Why do you see the pollen in the eye of your brother, and you do not see the beam in your eye?”
If any of you are concerned that people will be easier to make friends and therefore more children may be born, I place such a reflection:
Which future is pleasing to God:

People will learn to make friends from an early age, and with age, when the body reprimands, will make progress in getting to know each other. In the future, they will be happy to go to different events, even alone, because knowing someone will not be a bigger problem and you will feel safe all over the world.


People will not talk about sex at all. Medicine will come up with the specifics that will put our sexuality to sleep. We will reproduce with in vitro help, you will not have to meet, because why would you contact bodily with another person?

I would like to discuss a detailed plan of such classes with various specialists. I have some idea in my head, but it is not fully professional. Children who are more or less in pre-school age will get to know each other, organizing trips around various kindergartens. My point here is to eliminate shame in dealing with another human being. At school, we’ll start talking about different characters from the world of culture, politics, history, etc. We will, learn, fast dating so that people can talk to strangers. Certainly, the interest will be so big that we will also organize such activities for adults. Details must be fine-tuned by specialists, people with knowledge and experience.

2.Total ban on abortion
Today’s times, with the support of Darwinism, eliminate thinking about moral issues, because this knowledge reduces us to the role of animals and therefore the so-called relative morality.
Man arises as a result of the merging of two foreign bodies. Already from that moment it is a new human organism, which if it allows it, in time will look like we are now. Therefore, interference in this newly created cell is taking away life. Do we have the right to take someone’s life because, for example, he is ill?
Answer the question: do you love life?
If so, why do you want to deprive someone of those moments of joy?
Certain environments force the possibility of abortion as their own right to choose. But why should a social group have a “killing license”?
Gender equality means that we have to respect the other person and if the mother does not want to raise a child, I am asking you to give him a chance to live, even in the orphanage.
A “death doctor”, or a person who performs an abortion, is a paid murderer. Please note that some of these “doctors” have 100 treatments on their account. Probably there will be clinics that will have thousands of such treatments. I would like to remind you, dear “specialists”, that it has the characteristics of “genocide”. Such clinics are like extermination camps and in the light of international law it will never expire. Maybe in 20 years or 30 years, people will chase and judge such “doctors” as today it is done with war criminals.
A highly developed civilization can cope with every case. A real doctor is a person who saves his life at any price.
I will give young people some good news:

I am 29 today. If I have kid at the age of 18-20, my life would look completely different today. The child would be about 9 years old, and my grandparents would take care of me in most cases, I would not be disturbed by my growing up adolescent. I would have at least one child today and who knows maybe more. Today I’m thirtie, I do not have children and I do not know when I will have, anyway before they grow up, I will be elderly.
It’s really worth having children at an early age! Do not be afraid of anything!
(Psalm 127:4) “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, that’s sons born in young years.”

3.Marijuana legalization
True tolerance means accepting the way of being other people, but only when the attitude of another person does not harm us personally. The high level of stability in the country means that we can try to introduce a change that will probably destabilize the society in the short term, but if the change turns out to be positive, peace and satisfaction will quickly return. There will be destabilization, because conservative circles are afraid of any change, explaining their reluctance in all sorts of ways. Practically when you do anything, you encounter difficulties, but the trick is not give up. Legalization of marijuana is the expression that our country has developed to such an extent that it can afford to relax. This means that we can give the green light to a substance which is still illegal in many countries (perhaps from stereotypical reasons). We can, for example, make this change for a year or a half a year and after the trial period, see how this operation affected our society. After all, nothing stands in the way of changing the changes.
However, I would like to draw attention to another aspect of this matter, related not only to morality. Although here I will also ask a question in the field of ethics:
Do millions of enthusiasts have to suffer persecution, be exposed to criminals and lack of social acceptance due to several cases of abuse, which in turn do not necessarily result from addiction alone, but for example from mental problems?

I would like to present here the question of marijuana legalization as an economic advantage. Well, the countries that will first enter the market will benefit from huge profits, eg. the Netherlands today has an advantage over competition, because it already has expansion opportunities, marijuana is legal for a long time, so their entrepreneurs, breeders can enter the market in the country, in which the substance has just been legalized. This results in a significant advantage, as the Dutch managed to gain experience and build a brand. A huge market has recently opened: Canada. Please pay attention to what will happen when the German, French and American markets are opened. It is connected with a huge number of potential recipients.
That is why I propose – and this is my flagship program – to legalize marijuana in our country as soon as possible. I have discussed ethical reasons above. I think that a man is aware enough that he can decide for himself about his life, and forbidding something by force seems like totalitarianism. I understand that the fear of danger is great, but in the case of a plant that has proven healing properties, it is very exaggerated. Especially that sooner or later marijuana will be legal all over the world. My task is to overtake in this matter the world of the West and expand the brand of the Polish plant before the world markets open up. The Polish grower will gain an advantage over the markets that are closed today.
I would like to remind you that Polish companies pay different taxes, but the “excise duty” itself from this plant would initially bring, I think, about PLN 20 billion. Please note that this will also increase tourism in our country – many young people travel to the Netherlands to feel peace of mind from persecution. Today, Poland is much safer than all Western European countries, and legalizing this substance will make us the “leader of culture”. In principle, the appearance of marijuana on the Polish market due to all taxes (which will be profitable from legalization) can be estimated at PLN 40 billion and it assumes constant growth! Entry into foreign markets that will open will increase revenues. This issue can not be underestimated as long as there is still time to gain an economic advantage. These are huge money for the development of our country, and in addition do not burden the pockets of all citizens, because the tax pays only the consumer.
We can not approach the subject partially or slowly, legalizing, starting with legal medical marijuana. Solutions from the Czech Republic are in vain because they do not fight crime. Why an ordinary person can not set up a coffeeshop and be protected by the police? Legalization eliminates the fight of criminal groups. I do not want gangsters to make money in this way to pay for their wickedness, the more so that you can legally take this money to the Treasury. People who say that this money stinks are self unethical.
(Mt 11:19) “The Son of God came eating and drinking, and they say,” Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of publicans and sinners.”
And the wisdom found of justification in her deeds.”

4.Spending money from legalization of marijuana, i.e. ~ 20 billion PLN / year
a) I would like to expand the Polish state economy. State-owned companies belong to taxpayers, so we will pass them on to the next generations. Why can not we use the capital that collects collected from all citizens? The free market allows everyone to set up their own business, so the state also has the right to set up a company that can bring losses at the beginning, but the plan is long-term because we have capital. The situation is similar to foreign capital: someone can come and buy shares.
The companies I think about (I’m not an expert and I hope that people with the right knowledge will develop my ideas) are:

  • agricultural companies – last year we had a problem with too many apples, the lack of a state-owned company meant that we could not buy goods from farmers and send it even at a loss to recipients in Africa, for example, to advertise our product and raise demand on him. In general, the subject of foodstuffs is an issue that will always bring benefits. Therefore, it is wise to make profits to the State Treasury from trade in these goods (5 billion).
  • PKS (public bus)- at the beginning we open a company that sets a schedule of transport, sets the route and stops and employs subcontractors, whom it pays for the implementation of services (1 billion).
  • co-financing of various ideas for state-owned industry (3 billion).

b) Sport. If we want to have achievements and enjoy the performances of our representatives, we can not forget that these people have to live off something. There are various sports competitions co-financed by all sponsors, so why the player can not get any benefits for taking a high place? Perhaps the organizers can not afford to pay for the prizes, that’s why the state has to pay the players for the places they have occupied in order to motivate them to further their careers and relieve them on the financial issue (3 billion).

c) Increases for carers of adults with disabilities.
This website contains calculations on demand for 5 billion a year, and I would like to give for this goal, although it can still be counted and see if there is a better way to address the situation of adult disabled caregivers (5 billion).

d) I am waiting for your ideas related to finances, which will be a lot. Here, I gave 20 billion – it is such a modest respect, but it is known that money is always useful, for example for the development of infrastructure.

I do not want to give rise to only one professional group at the beginning, because another group will also be asking for it and we will not be able to afford it. However, do not worry because I have a solution for this – and for every Pole, regardless of where he works, it’s important how much he earns.

5.Income tax return
Many politicians promise to increase the tax-free amount. I prepared a general calculation.
The entire annual cost will not be higher than PLN 55 billion. Of course, this amount is so large that without cooperation with currently governing and certain changes in the state budget, it will not be possible to introduce it.
I want to introduce three different income tax returns. This is very beneficial for the country – because we give citizens a large inflow of cash in one transfer – and will not undermine the financial capabilities of the state at all.

A tax-free tax with a full refund of 18% up to PLN 10,000 / year.

Above this amount up to PLN 24,000 / year – a 10% refund.

Up to PLN 35,000 / year – 5% return.
The number of taxpayers: 25 million.

up to 10 000 × 18/100 = 1800 let us assume that 8 million people will benefit = 14.4 billion (+150 PLN of net earnings per month)
up to 24 000 × 10/100 = 2400 let us assume that it will be 13 million people = 31.2 billion (+200 PLN net earnings per month)
up to 35 000 × 5/100 = 1750 let’s assume 4 million people = 7 billion (+145 PLN net earnings per month)
Total = PLN 52.6 billion

± 55 billion = total cost
Please note that the calculation I made only for the maximum ranges, and the returns will be different, so it certainly will not be more than PLN 55 billion.

I think that this is a very good idea, because the only thing that needs to be done is to organize a budget so that it can withdraw PLN 55 billion at once. The most important thing in all of this is that every person working in Poland will be able to count on a sudden, relatively large inflow of cash into his account from the tax refund, which pays the entire year for the development of his beloved homeland.
I know that this is not a satisfying amount, but at the beginning I hope that it is enough. It is definitely a good change.

6.Pet tax
Work on strength of our state is not only dedication and self-denial to implement postulates, but also financial subsidies. The ruling people must invent such taxes so that the taxpayer can feel them as little as possible. Many people in our country like different animals: some dogs, other cats, and other spiders or other unusual creatures. Sometimes in the media we have the opportunity to see how people behave irresponsibly towards animals, for example, they buy a puppy for a child under a Christmas tree, and later they get rid of trouble in a sadistic way. A change must be made so that the person who decides to have animals bears financial responsibility. It would aim to eliminate pathology, for example, if someone has 30 dogs and 20 cats, no conditions, but only problems with feeding such a number of pets, but he still insists on his because he can and wants to have these animals. Each dog and cat (perhaps we will introduce this principle also for other animals) will have a chip. Thanks to this solution, we will eliminate the problem of approaching to animals as things that, when they get bored, can be thrown away. Do you want to have a pet? Pay. You can not afford it? It’s hard, you will not have it.
The tax will be paid once a year, its amount should be determined, but it will certainly be a higher tax for breed, breeding, species or lack of sterilization.
I think it should be an amount of about PLN 50 for an ordinary dog and cat.
“However, the estimated population of tetrapods in Poland (7 million dogs and 6 million cats)”
PLN 13 million × 50 = PLN 650,000,000 / year.
Of course, this is only a visualization of benefits – I predict that the final amount will amount to about PLN 1 billion / year.
People may be unhappy, rebel against paying taxes.

a) You pay tax once a year, for this we have money, for example, for repairs of local roads.

b) Animals are not things and not everyone can afford to own them. Therefore, we will eliminate the problem of some archaic form of removing unnecessary animals. For this reason, I want to raise the tax for the lack of sterilization, because we have the twenty-first century. The state can arrange some refunds for such a procedure and people will not have to struggle with the problem of new ones and therefore for that animals it will also have to pay tax.

c) There are animal protection organizations, and thanks to this tax there will be money for shelters, the situation of animals will improve and we will eliminate illegal farms.

d) It is an expression of responsibility. I want to have an animal – I pay for it.

e) The life of animals depends on man. An animal can never be more important than human life. For example, a homeless person who is unable to pay tax can not own a pet because he can not afford to pay for it. It must first change its situation, and when it can afford to pay eg PLN 50 tax per year, the problem will be solved.

f) The tax applies to domestic animals, not farm animals.

Personally, I approach this subject practically. I mean only about money for the state. This is not a high amount once a year, and we will always have a billion more in the budget. We can carry out public consultations on this subject, perhaps people will recognize that the tax should be higher because it is for our country. Tax money would go to local budgets.

7.Deposit for bottles and permission to drink alcohol in public places.
The whole subject must be considered as one, because you can bake two roast on one fire. I found the inspiration for this idea in Germany, where you can take a “drink” and walking down the street, and it does not offend anyone. Buying alcohol, for example in aluminum, we pay half a euro of bail and in every grocery store we can put this can into the machine and collect the money back. If we do not care about this amount, we can put a can, without crushing it, almost anywhere, or next to the trash can. People who had problems in their lives and found themselves on the street can collect such cans without problems and gain some living funds for this. The problem of littering disappears, because plastic bottles have bails, a beer bottle, aluminum cans just do not crush so that the machine can read the bar code. Many cans can be found during mass events, people can go there, collect them and make money for cleaning.
I do not understand why we have such a low drinking culture in Poland, that we are treated in advance as alcoholics who can not behave. I understand that there are cases of addictions that may result from a lack of life prospects. Getting drunk and sleeping in a public place after drinking is a sign of a problem. If a given situation repeats itself, the police should be able to bring such a person to court, to be sent to compulsory treatment. If it is a homeless person, the address of her stay should be changed, sending such a person to the new environment.
The topic of addiction can not be downplayed. As a growing civilization, we must find solutions to help every citizen. However, treating every person as a potential alcoholic is discriminatory!
Of course, also in this case I want to find some funds for the state. For example, the deposit for a plastic bottle will be, for example, PLN 0.45, and there will be 0.05 cent of tax, i.e. that when collecting the money for a bottle in the machine, we will have 0.40 cents back. I would like to obtain from the market of food products (on which the deposit will be) PLN 0.05 on each product.
I estimate that the entire turnover will bring at least PLN 1 billion a year.
Another billion to the budget and as a state we are moving further towards modernity and tolerance.

8. Elimination of non-obligatory religion in schools and replacing it by obligatory theology.
Religion is the science of practicing worship in a given social group. I believe that learning about a particular religious group should take place voluntarily and if you want to know the details, you need to look for information on this topic. Religion divides students and introduces confusion because of non-obligatory nature.
Theology is a science about God, i.e. we teach people that the world was created by God. We show biblical history and teach it as our cultural trend, because the whole Scripture is an inseparable part of our being. If it were not baptism of Poland, our country would not be exist, if it were not Abraham, there would be no state of Israel, and Jesus Christ would not have anyone to came to. That’s why everyone must know the storie of world showed in the Bible. This world exists to this day. Theology is such a broad subject that it must be taught obligatory. We do not, however, exclude any religious trend, because we focus on particulars, not on the details of science resulting from the existence of God. We teach about historical figures, events and consequences of human action. On the basis of theology, we can show other religious trends in the same set of evaluations, i.e. after the fruits of work. We can talk about all religions of the world and show people what has grown up from Christianity and what from something else.
Theology does not discriminate, but gives practical knowledge about reality. For example, followers of islam can’t ignore the historical facts that existed before the appearance of their “vision.” Similarly, we can show what happened next.
Theology will not give practical advice on existence in a given religious trend, but it will speak about the Holy Scriptures and the facts that its existence has caused.
Darwinism-based argumentation, “why we should speak about God, if there is nothing”, is pathetic because the Scriptures really exist. The state of Israel is a fact, Jesus Christ walked the earth, millions of churches are one of the fruits of work.
If someone wants to inculcate “theories of evolution” and thus replace the considerations of human being, he is a heretic. No argument can enter to such a man, fortunately there is democracy and if the majority wants such a solution, then it will happen.

10. Possibility of transferring the sum of tax refund to any non-state institution.
The introduction of tax returns (which are feasible), gives the opportunity to share capital with institutions that deal with wide activities. There is, for example, the possibility of giving 5% to the Catholic Church from the sum of 2400 PLN = 120 PLN × 1,000,000 people = 120,000,000 PLN. Thanks to this, there will be the possibility of strong financial support for various institutions. For example, the Evangelical Church can spend this money on repairs, meetings. Similarly, the Catholic Church has additionally Caritas. Money will always be useful. By contrast, I legally want to guarantee that only the private sector will be allocated a refund. State-owned companies and institutions will not be able to get refund money, e.g. hospitals (they already receive budget support). Each institution will settle this money as a donation.

11. Reform of state-owned companies and the analysis of expenses.
Exact research on the financial situation in ZUS and NFZ needs to be carried out.
Problems and social dissatisfaction show the scale of problems that need to be addressed, but the best is to carry out the concretes based on actual data.
For sure, health care expenditures are needed for the whole society.
ZUS (social insurance) is an institution that was created for the needs of citizens. A person who claims that this institution is unnecessary does not understand that the state is such a “company” that was established for the needs of people living in a given area. Citizens of the state can come up with any solution that makes their lives easier and they can do whatever they want, because it is their “company”.
https://www.bankier.pl/wiadomosc/Ile-kosztuje-ZUS-2417297.html “The budget of the Social Insurance Institution is 162 billion zlotys”.
Lack of accurate data allows me to only sketch the possibility of saving taxpayer’s money for the benefit of ZUS:
https://businessinsider.com.pl/twoje-pieniadze/praca/aktywnosc-zawodowa-polakow-2018-r-dane-gus/kvlwz5bIn turn, the number of professionally active people is only slightly more than 17 million”.
17 million people working (I will count on the basis of the national minimum) https://gmail.com/artykuly/1089421,kocork-training-worker-2018-skladki-do-zus-po-podwyzce-placy-minimalnej.html
17 million people employed × 451 PLN (social security contributions, due to remuneration) = 7, 667 billion × 12 months = 92 billion;
17 million people working × 432.81 PLN (social security contributions that the employer covers) = 7.357 billion × 12 months = 88 billion
The rates for employees are more or less 92 + 88 = 180 billion.
Of course, these are only estimates, because we have part-time jobs, but there are also people earning more. If my calculations are confirmed in reality, a high ZUS tax on companies will turn out to be REDUNDANT!
We can easily reduce the compulsion to pay a high tax every month by employers- and this is mandatory. It is unnecessary and will help every entrepreneur.
It is possible that these calculations contain a large scale of error, but: “In total, PLN 76 billion is spent on pensions and disburses paid from the Social Security Institution (ZUS) and KRUS from the state coffers. This is approximately 23% of the state budget. ” That is why it is necessary to check these institutions carefully and the need for refunds from the state will probably decrease.

11. Pay rise for Me.
As a creative person, I want to leave a trace in history after our times. Working for every Pole, I choose the voter for my boss. Everyone who works meets the topic of talking about a raise. Mostly it happens that the boss is unsympathetic and does not want to give us the salary we dreamed of. I understand that in our country we still encounter the subject of poverty, but please note that the heads of state represent citizens, so why these people can not show high social status and reflect the state’s situation? Unless you agree to such a picture.
Please also pay attention to the fact that forbidding someone to be rich, you block your way to the top, through human envy. God is over every man – poor and rich. We will be charged not by the material things we have accumulated but by the emotions we have created.
(Mt 23:10) “Do not call yourself masters, for you have only one Master – Christ.”

Taking care of the cleanliness of our planet will help us maintain a high comfort of life. The main problem is smog. Everyone wants to breathe clean air. The only effective solution that can be proposed is the development of technology. We need to think of a way to get electricity from new sources or to patent a device that will draw electricity from cosmic energy.
https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Przestrze%C5%84_kosmiczna Cosmic space penetrates from all sides cosmic rays.
https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promieniowanie_cosmiczne composite radiation, both corpuscular and electromagnetic, reaching the Earth from the surrounding space. The corpuscular part of the radiation consists mainly of protons (90% of particles), alpha particles (9%), electrons (about 1%) and few heavier nuclei.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foton the carrier of electromagnetic interactions. In physics, a photon is a quantum of an electromagnetic field, e.g. visible light.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turning_electromagnetic Responsible for forces acting between particles having an electric charge.
Electricity is in space, not just in the light.

It is very likely that large oil companies may block the development of such technologies for fear of bankruptcy.
I believe that in the future we will create a device that will eliminate other sources of energy and everything will be electrically driven. This will eliminate the issue of exhaust emissions.
I want Poland to be such a precursor – despite the lobby that will try to eliminate us for economic reasons. We will not give and we will do everything that we want.

13. Foreign policy.
a) USA
The United States is a state whose idea is freedom. That is why we must approach this hegemon with respect and recognition as a country that supports the freedom of citizens around the world. It also means that the US can not abuse its power in relations with countries enjoying civil liberties, because it would be interference as a totalitarianism. Believing in the honesty of people, I hope that we will build together an alliance that will be an example for the whole world in terms of cooperation between countries, respect and duty for others’ opinions. Poland has had years of annexation behind us, so we are very emotionally affected by any influence on internal politics. Foreign policy requires compromise, but why do we have to get a blow in the back from friends? I see the possibility of developing the power of our country in restoring stability all over the world. All forces opposed to peace based on the freedom of citizens are the ideology of Genghis Khan. They can not create anything themselves and, with the idea of a barbarian leader, want to subordinate the weaker to take advantage for the few. An example of such ideology is the former USSR. Today, we are creating a geopolitics that strives for globalization, encountering the problems of the “world” that is against the ideas of respecting diversity (each person is different). For example, islam, which contains a concept for people who want to subjugate the weaker. The war that results from this knowledge can never end, because even when they destroy the whole world, they can still fight with each other for who is more radical. As a Christian, I can not carry hatred, and although I would like the whole world to live in peace, I know that first we must free people from the darkness of violence. Personally, I think that you can’t use force for convince to your arguments. Therefore, you have to set an example by yourself, trust in God and human intelligence, but you can not be indifferent to evil, you must have the courage to call them by name. I hope that relations between our countries will be based on friendship, that we will support each other and become even stronger together.

b) Israel
A common cultural identity connects our countries in the way of being. The history of the world has so happened that we have lived together on one earth for many years. The times when the pagans came to power in our western and eastern neighbors, they gathered a death toll. For Poles it was, for example, Katyn, and in the case of Jews, for example, Auschwitz. The problem that caused the tragedy of our nations at that time is now being reproduced. Why, living in one land, did not we work together to strengthen a country that could become an important ally of Israel in the future? Unfortunately, we will not change the past, we can only learn a lesson for the future. Dissent led to the fact that Poland as a state disappeared from the map of the world, the disagreement led to the defeat during World War II. Today there is disagreement again. Why can not we build a joint alliance against the forces that are currently attacking Israel, are already drawing to Western Europe and will soon come to Poland?
I hope that together with the United States we will be able to create a strong cooperation that will establish lasting peace on earth. I know that we can achieve this, but the path to this is only through mutual respect. If Israel does not want to cooperate for the common good, the only way is to reduce diplomatic relations. We do not want to deepen the conflict, but it is not profitable to cooperate because we lose our image and deepen discord between our countries.
Therefore, if you do not manage to develop a close alliance, it is best to give up cooperation.

c) Ukraine
The stability of our region, and thus the suppression of Russian imperialism, depends on relations with our eastern neighbors. It is obvious that good relations between countries cause mutual concern for security. Attempts to dominate and any symptoms of disrespect lead to short-circuits that end in isolation. This fact is uses by “country”, who wants to annex the territory for good relations and cooperation, because why should there be another policy there? (Belarus) Who advocates against globalization is still in the past era, it is necessary to take such backwardness as a threat to people who want to develop. Hoping for good cooperation with the US, I would like neighboring countries not to be jealous of it, but to see it as a benefit for themselves. Poland can not indifferently look at the fact of disrespect and treating us like marionettes from overseas. If Ukraine continues to cherish the hatred between our countries, we must take into account the resignation of the beneficiaries of our possibilities. If the US will press at all costs to send aid to Ukraine, let them build bases there and move from Europe further to the East. We do not need an ally with the help like from the times of Polish People’s Republic. Ukraine may change its views when it comes under Russian rule.

d) European Union
People dream about, wherever they are, they can feel safe and feel friendship. The connection between European countries has become a fact. We have a common trade policy and we communicate better on geopolitical matters. Unfortunately, to the ideal, which is: “All people will be brothers where your voice speaks,” is still far away. Today, instead of finding common tasks and organizing ourselves for the strength of unity, we are looking for elements that divide us and do not connect. We can not implement ideas that will bring about stability in the cultural sphere, instead we deal with pointing out and humiliating. The EU is a geopolitical idea, and we are meddling in matters that the internal organs are supposed to deal with. Common Europe is the future, it is no longer an ideal institution that does not require corrections. All the time you should strive for improvement – probably as long as humanity exists. Therefore, one needs to be patient and humble because otherwise we will go back in development. If all countries leave this institution, they will have to establish trade, diplomatic contacts, create alliances, etc. Whoever can not understand this is still in the 19th century. Therefore, we must work for unity, mutual understanding and respect. Do not be in a hurry, but you have to be active, because forces are already acting today, which, using our powerlessness / submission, want to disprove the dream of peace throughout the world.
Like the winner and the hero run, brother, yes and you“.

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