An important topic, for every person, because “Ideology” is a collection of knowledge, that, each of us make decisions. It’s about keep certain rules, and sticks to them, in order to fulfillment. ideology – “system of views, ideas, concepts of an individual or a group of people”

The way that we behave, can be adjusted, handle, stabilized. If we will want it. Will of every man is free! Each of us decides about her life every day. We can do anything we want.
According to the free will. We can say, that “fate” does not exist. A fatum(fate) overloading a man limited the framework of his free will, directing the effects of actions in one only fatal direction.
However, “free choice” is not only grace, but also a trap.

The world around us has a certain framework. The history that was shaped before our birth.
Countries that were created. Religions related to various causes. Worldviews, according to which people lived. We should also pay attention to the fact that we are constantly developing and new Notions. Are become the most desired for us at a given moment. (Notion) a non-material being, which is not directly given to us.
Notion, one, keynote.

You have to consider what is the purpose, of your behavior. The question is about: What do I want to achieve?

A lot of people are not interested in this problem. Because they focus on earning, raising children, enjoying life, in different ways.
Despite this, we have a specific opinion for a particular topics. Regarding the problems, that we have to meet, despite will.  We are approaches sometimes to such things impulsively, because there are other things on minds. That is why, there are people, who deal with higher issues and take profit from it. They earn for living like that.
This is good. Because everyone deals with what he wants and what he can do.
This means that we can trust a given group of people (eg political party) if the given impulse leads us to similar beliefs, however, it is necessary to pay attention, to the fact, that it is a group of people, who may not work blindly, but has a broader way of thinking behind it.

The broader way of thinking is Ideology.
Thats looks, these groups of people, which have an impact, on the life of society. Are a collection of many people with different skills (training, tasks to do, etc.), but they all share, a similar scheme of values, something, what is a common guideline for them. For example, a far-reaching plan to be implemented. (Doctrine) A system of action, thinking.

Every living person represents byself, his existence. A personal way of thinking.
The lack of self-identification is:;2569848 opportunist – “a man without rules, adapting to circumstances for immediate personal benefits” (opportunist) Also agreeableness and evasion from fight.
The worst thing about opportunists is that it’s easy to manipulate them.

Democracy gives choice to society. To Ideological current which will be implemented.
Consequence is not only a moment, but also hard work. Very often, against the difficulty.
This is where the topic arises, not only about everyday living (eating, clothing, sleeping), but a vision of future, that we want to achieve. The following question is: What is my motivation?

Difficulties encountered on the way to happiness, are normal thing. We are also happy about overcoming problems, however note that, during a disaster, is not easy at all. Depression, not satisfied. Willingness to give up everything and feeling unwell. All problems are an integral part of our lives, that’s why you have to draw strength to continue working.

Ideology is a wide collection of knowledge. Concerning: The purpose of the action, manner of implementation and above all strengthen of the individual.

Strengthen is the most important activity needed for survival.
Without promotion of given thought, concepts and fruit of work. Notion will disappear.
It’s the same for society and individual. Without accenting, of benefits or real influences to world. Flowing from a given Ideology. Will end with losing. “shaping the world order”
Globalization is a process which works by itself and slowly implements byself.
It can’t be stopped, but that’s good. Because it is beneficial, for example, to peace in the world. The problem that is facing “the approximation in this area between states, nations, people around the world.” Is: different way of thinking. Which in definition is conflict with uniformity, ie. Globalization.

We must choose the Ideology, that will Unite us!

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