First steps.

First steps.

First steps in spiritual life are very cool. Because it is easy to receive grace and fulfillment.
Faith consists in realization of great feats. God is glad, when he can give a lot.
In any case, to get a lot, you have to work hard.

Let’s start from beginning.
You already know something about God / or you have already had a long practice / or you know nothing.

Your life consists in realizing your own plans and whims.
Good, because GOD also wants the best for you.
Judging. You and God think about the same, that is, to draw best possible fruits from work.

At the beginning, our Lord, does not require any sacrifices, but loves you and supports you.
Therefore, use His Power for your own purposes (whatever they are).
Ask by thought or prayer for support. That you can be succeed.

Do not worry if you’re doing something innovative. Because that’s your beginning of spiritual path.
If someone negates you, and you still have trust in Lord, then right is on your side!
(Mk 9:38) “John told him:
“Teacher, we saw someone throwing demons out, through your name and we forbid him because he does not walks with us.”
(Mk 9:39) “And Jesus said:
– Do not forbid him, because he, by who works [heavenly] power through my name, will not be able to affront me soon. “

Beginning of the spiritual path is to continue living in your own way, but you add elements that are to help you achieve your goal.
You’ll see the first results!

  • You will be more confident. Because you are also supported by force majeure.
  • Peace of mind, in crisis moments you turn to God and this calms your struggles.
  • Meaning of action. You complement your own action, of spiritual support.

You are still live as you desire and even happier, because now the Lord of heaven and earth supports you.
This development is called Mysticism.
More specifically, it is a relationship with God. Just like with another human being, you get to know someone, find out more about him, spend more time together, etc.
Only it is GOD. Ie. if you do not know what’s going on, as soon as you get to know him, you will understand.
I mean, he’s not your friend! Only the Ruler.
That’s why it’s better to trust Him than to argue with Him.

Your further development may be a surprise.
You can unexpectedly get opportunity to jump to a level you have not even thought about before.
The most important thing in all of this, is to act in way that He wants.
Arbitrary can be detrimental. It does not always have to be, like You want.
Humbly and calmly.

An adventure with faith consists in instilling, in your life elements that GOD demands of you.
You have to become a tool in His hands.
For example, our LORD preferred to fulfill duty given to him by the Father, rather than live life in his own way.
(Mt 16:21) From then on Jesus began to openly tell his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem, that he would suffer much from elders and high priests and teachers of the Scriptures and die, and rise again on third day.
(Mt 16:22) “Peter, taking him aside, began to reproach him:
– Have pity on yourself, Lord, it can not meet You!
(Matthew 16:23) “And [Jesus], turning around, said to Peter:
– Get out of my sight, tempter, you urge Me to evil. because you do not think in a God way, but humanly. “

Note how non sense, it would be to act differently. Especially that you will not escape from GOD.
That we think “humanly” is not anything bad. After all, we are Human and we can be wrong, but you have to “Be afraid of God” because everything depends on him.

That is why spiritual development is gradual. You’re slowly going up.
Often, further progress depends on resignation of oneself. Own plans, dreams and behaviors.
You can’t deny and pretend that you know better what is good for you. Because, you do not know what future will bring.
This is also, development of trust.
(Luke 9:24) For whoever wants to save his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake, will keep it.

Spiritual life, in further development, is not for everyone.
The fact that you have the opportunity to grow, is a grace. Not everyone, can have it.
That is why it is important to deny and do everything that He commands.

In any case, do not think about what will happen in the future and do not worry.
You will never get a heavy cross. Which you would not be able to lift.
The heavier, the more heroic, but calm, because everyone has their own cross.


Live your life just as you want. Think about God positively. He does not require any action from you.
It’s You, want grace from him. Take as much as you can carry.
(Mt 6:34) “Do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care byself. Every day has his own problems.”
“Carpe diem”

Mercy will never run out. God’s mercy – above all for the sinners, to whom Jesus wants to forgive everything.

Further progress is work, but do not worry about it, because time will come.
(Mt. 11:30) “For my yoke is sweet, and my burden is light.”

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