Donation is an act of mercy, because of our own free will, we give something to another person. Our good deed manifests itself at the time of donation. Money, objects, real estate or any thing we give for free, only with good purpose and faith, it’s for us an plus in heaven. It’s irrelevant what with our gift will do to the recipient, because we have already completed our task, that’s counts, not the result! Therefore, I highly recommend handing out charity. Many people request, sometimes insistently, and we say that, “he ribs”. However, do not judge it, and if we can, it is wisdom to gather such pluses and in most cases, on street, we give just change. Of course, you need moderation in everything, but is wisely to give!
(Sir 29:12) “Close the alms in your granaries, and she will save you from every misfortune.”

Also I’m asking for the support. Possibilities that I can achieve will confirm the theories that I share. I have many ideas, I want to realize them, but Krakow was not built at once. Development of opportunities requires a financial background. Donation for me is also an alms. Therefore, do not demand, just let me act. Thank You.

Account details for transfers in PLN.

First and last name: Damian Mielczarek
Bank’s name: ING Bank Śląski
No. accounts: 39 1050 1083 1000 0091 2007 5180
title: Donation

Currency Transfer: EURO.

Name: Damian Mielczarek
Bank name: ING Groep
Account number: 21 1050 1083 1000 0092 3172 3959
IBAN: PL 21 1050 1083 1000 0092 3172 3959
title: Donation

If you prefer to help by your money on a typically charitable goal, I recommend CARITAS.
An institution which is worth to helping!

Donation Judge Jesus Christ