The way of Thinking.

Contemplation is meditation when we devote ourselves only to it, and also the way of thinking that comes to us all the time. Contemplation is so-called “silent prayer.”

Kontemplacja / (Latin) contemplatio / – a special, having many dimensions, a kind of prayer. (

“Silent” because, it’s not about your action, but rather about feeling what’s going on in during. When you mute your body, Spirit will start speak.

If it’s not about your action, it means that you have to relax and be able to isolate yourself from outside world and its stimuli. It is best to sit comfortably, move away from yourself elements that may be distracting and listening to what will happen in our soul.

Further practice will introduce stability in your life. Perhaps your day is filled with haste. You must hurry to earn money, not to be late or don’t be “outdistanced” by the competition. Contemplation is perfectly created for you. If the constant pursuit of life makes you forget about internal unrest and give you freedom from your own thoughts, then you must wait for some misfortune to stop you. However, if you want to avoid unhappiness, then you have to give yourself a moment of pause from the world. At first you will not see the point of doing it. Because you have to work out this “novelty” in yourself, you will see later how much it changed your life. The result is, for example, is freeing yourself from the slavery of time. Indeed, words can not fully express feelings. You have to sit down and try it yourself.

Contemplation – a way of cognitive activity carried out by focusing, sinking into thoughts, looking at something.
Contemplation is a kind of meditation. (

It is important to dedicate yourself to this prayer, i.e. it have to be the most important thing for you at this moment. If you are a beginner, you will probably be contemplating briefly, a few minutes and a break.

You will see different emotions, there are so many of them, that you can not speak so easily about it. Discouragement, pulling you away from it, different negative feelings as if “someone” sent it all to you and sometimes against you. You will also feel many positive emotions and emotionally similar states. Which will attract you to further work on yourself.

First of all, you will feel GOD and what is GOD?
Something impossible to specify, the vastness of everything that exists in the material and immaterial world, and something above all that. That is why we call him GOD.

Contemplation is development of mind. You will achieve emotional stability. ie, contemplation teaches, to take a break for a moment. No interference from our side.
Way of thinking achieved through this meditation. Will allow you to look at life differently. You notice that you do not have to force yourself to act immediately, often without sense, such as throwing yourself on bayonets. You wait and everything happens in perfect time.
It works!
Life is going on. GOD arranges them, if you follow his will. Do not worry about anything.
(Luke 14:7-11) “And when he saw, that first guests choose their first places, he told them a parable.
– When someone invites you to a wedding, don’t go and sit in a first places, because maybe someone more worthy than you was invited. And he who invited you and him will come and tell you: Give place to him. – And then you will have to take the last place with shame.
But when you are invited, go and sit in the last place, so that when the one who invited you will come, he will tell you: friend, move up! – Then you will be honored in front of all your fellow guests.
For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. “

Christian meditation.

Sit comfortably so that you do not have to change position. Eyes must be open, it is best to focus them on something in front of you, for example an object.
(Something that will not strain your eyes and will not distract you, such a hanger for your eyes.)

You are sitting and waiting.
Then thoughts will come, why am I doing this? What’s that supposed to mean? It does not make sense, etc. Later on you will be thinking about something yourself, consciously (because what else to do?), And unconsciously, as if you will be drawn into the whirlwind of thoughts that are in your head.

The word “contemplation” comes from Latin. “Contemplari” means “to see.” Contemplation is a state of sensation rather than a state of activity. This state can not be learned, but only raised. (

Your inner battle, is your action! You must defy what will come to you, focus on not to think / not invent. At the beginning it can be difficult, because you may not notice that you are already in vortex of ideas. As soon as you notice that you have fallen into any thoughts, ignore them immediately. You go back to the beginning, it’s supposed to be like emptiness, peace and quiet. You were supposed to sit and not think. It can be anything right from the beginning, why do I do it, etc. You must bear it.

Purpose of this fight with yourself is to become an observer of your interior. I mean, you have to watch those thoughts that are in your head. You do not think, but you see that it all comes to you. Thoughts can be different, pleasant and not pleasant. Many of them are designed to divert your attention and prevent you from achieving development. You can indulge in the inspirations that will come to you, because it all leads you to God. However, the practice of further contemplation will separate wheat from the chaff. What will be left is from God, what will pass away is not worth to returning.
Contemplation is one of tools in learning the truth, and a tool for purifying your soul.

“He understands the act of contemplation as an act of intellectual intuition of being or entities. This experience is extremely rich, difficult to express.
Intellect takes part in contemplation of the supernatural, supernatural. It is brought to its peak and end. He is “blinded” in his power of natural cognition and overcome with “night” which exceeds the content of each concept. “

Also for further spiritual development, you will need someone who has theological knowledge so that he can advise you on what to read, or what to do, or will keep you spiritually and solidify in faith. Just a person who already knows something about the subject. (eg. priest)

Most beautiful thing in spiritual life is that, everything you need is given to you. You do not have to force yourself to act, all at the right time. Our Lord lives and he deals with everything. Sometimes your action on strength does not make sense. Better humility than pride. You force yourself to act and you feel the willingness decreases. You refrain from acting and you feel willingness to grow. Ideas and new opportunities are also growing.
Patience, the most important feature, time alone will show what to do next.
Jesus I trust in you.

with little correct.
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Contemplation St. George

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