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My first book “Freedom and Peace” is a collection of entries that I have placed on this page.
Themes comes each other by complementing.
Of course, this is not the exhaustion of enormity the knowledge that Theology gives, but the introduction to combination of practical spiritual knowledge from the Holy Bible. Needed in everyone’s everyday life.

The book is not extensive in quantity, but havy of knowledge it offers, will develop your way of thinking and make the “skinny” book last you, for a very long time.
Just reading it will be quite difficult and if you want to do it in one day. Good luck.

By reading Freedom and Peace, you will see how many thoughts will develop in your head.
You will look at it again.

Below is a fragment of text “From the Author”.

Book Freedom and Peace

Creation of this book is work of destiny.
My life led me to the point where I sorted out my thoughts about the realities of world around us.
Being in a situation where I could not achieve talent growth. I searched for information on the internet. I wrote in google, internal sensations.
I wrote how I could my inside feel. for example, lack of fulfillment, failing trials, constantly increasing required bar.
Search result led me to the page about Jesus Christ. I do not remember exactly now which was the post, but the article was about the “soul that comes to life”.

This book can have a real impact to your life!

Book is not yet avilable in english version.
The cover of book is for Polish market, and showe historical moment called:
“Baptism of Poland”

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