An artist is a man who tries to create fruits with help of individual abilities, a person who has capability to interpret spiritual matter and ability to release the non-material world, to outside, a world existing only thanks to a given person and created by this personality. Intangible things such as emotions, imagination of the ideal, beauty, sentiment of the moment or loftiness of time.

Artist is a tool, human chosen, sometimes from millions of people. He’s possibilities are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of thousands. Artist is such a medium.

Every person can become an artist, because opportunity to define is by creation. talented man, creating opus (eg a painter), creating a role (actor) or performer of a musical piece (eg singer);
Opus can only with time get such a name.

Fruit of artist’s work, is not necessarily recognition and success, but the realisation of the matter, that would remain unrevealed without this person. Many of artists remained undervalued in their lifetime. Despite this, their creative process continued, because mainly he was in their soul and to achieve peace they had to issue it outside.

Meeting with incomprehension is common for every human being. I don’t have to like everybody, accept, promote. free choice allows me to define myself and create world around me. Everyone is an individual, i.e. is an art in itself. at any moment may appear a work that in an arbitrarily adopted, closed definition does not fit

The artist is the embodiment of thousands, because he is a unit, such a light in the dark.
Image of one, gives a wide picture. eg. Vision of the recipient, single individual, behavior of society and the reality of our times.
Fire attracts with heat, but also moths fly to it.

Light is an aura. Spirit. Let’s see now, which people are a light for us. I mean what drives their lives? Is it just a spontaneous inspiration of the moment, changing from the mood?

The source of creativity is the so-called vein.;2535186.html «creative zeal, inspiration»
This can be compared to nonphysical energy which is grant to a given person giving him the opportunity to create. Vein – fleeting spiritual strength.

Each of us needs motivation in everyday of life. To have continuity of spiritual strength, it must be basis on something. Many from artists, search for inspiration in a substances, that only give a false sense of something higher, for a moment. Often each of us are looking for the truth of life and spiritual complement. Ideally when is real, that mean, he lasted all the time.

The problem of separating the sensual and tangible world, is for example: unhappiness, dissatisfaction, failure.
Genesis of division of morality, is so-called secularization. Secularization according to Peter Berger means the processes of liberating society and culture from domination of church institutions and symbols
Specifically, man has separated spiritual eternity from the moment of carnality. They told that, you don’t have to worry about something what is above you and you can without worries devote yourself to mundane matter. Such a disturbance of rules.
Separating human affairs from divine matters.

We have freedom, everyone how he wants, but emptiness gives oneself feels. Are you looking for spirituality, the meaning of life? You must want to feel it in everyday life!
Remember that GOD is here and now. He is also there and waiting for you, why do you want to live like a backward person, without known your interior? You are not like an animal, only according to impulses. If you have the possibility of a certain control, power, influence, not only physical, then why a history that has been going on for thousands of years, will last indefinitely, can not be true?

My action as an individual is limited. Time to remember about me, it does not depend on me.
You consider a ruler of yourself? Do not be rude and don’t be nervous, because truth will be continue anyway. Those of us who are right, don’t have to argue.
(Mt 5:36) “Don’t even swear on your head, because you can’t even one hair made white or black.”

By art, an artist should not only earn money but show his interior. Theoretically, everybody does it, because it is impossible to remove feelings, thoughts and show an empty creature, deprived of human reaction.
Everyone will still represent some form of spirituality. Your own interior.

Saying that art is devoid of barriers. You can show everything. Everything is also spiritual. He will find his illustration in Theology. The artist is a transmitter of various emotions.
The message is simply equated with the image. Man can approach to everything with an expression of secularization. Remember that also means something.

The worldview is an expression of the subconscious. This, what we try to cultivate, in us.

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