About me

I am a person who is not a member of any religious institution and therefore accepts every form of Christianity. I don’t want to talk about other institutions, because it is a private matter of every person. My skills come from my own work on myself. The knowledge that I have, comes from our Lord. Please do not be afraid, because He sets the boundaries of action.

I offer spiritual development and I don’t forced to do anything, in future. Spiritual development is to improve your quality of life and fill it with awareness of your own being. Relationship with God will calm your psyche, you will fell happy and stronger because You are supported by a higher strength, first of all You will feel the truth.

My goal is not to interfere in your private spiritual and religious life. I do not intend to convert you and I don’t want to impose anything on you. I believe that, a person who is looking for Knowledge, has to ask and apply for it, that’s why I reverse the principle of conversion, if You want to know something, it is You, who have come to Me.


About Me

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